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We Should Know Better

  • Written by  Danielle Kutchel
  • Saturday, 26 January 2013 15:01
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@ Hares and Hyenas, Melbourne (18/01/12)


Created by Melbourne's Peter Hayward, live quiz show We Should Know Better keeps to a standard format. Two teams compete to answer familiarly funny questions and games. However, the evening differs from other television quiz show cousins, with a unique focus on sexuality, drugs, and porn. 


If the cancellation of a certain music/comedy television quiz show in 2011 left a hole in your comedy schedule, then mourn no longer! A small bookshop in Fitzroy may have the cure for your withdrawal.


Located on Johnston Street, Hares and Hyenas is an inconspicuous bookshop, selling literature catering to members of the queer community. After business hours, however, the cosy store turns into a perfect home for the out-there, in-your-face, live panel quiz show: We Should Know Better.


Hayward is a likeable, self-deprecating host, leading the two teams down a rainbow rabbit hole. He invites the audience to come along for a weird and colourful ride, joining in on the moans, groans, and excitement of the panel guests. It’s loud, lewd, and crude. And it works. 


The team members are an eclectic bunch. In terms of their sexual identities, some are out and proud, some straight, and some apparently unsure. One thing is certain though: There is no room for homophobia here. The show is a real display of the way in which comedy dispels prejudices, in order to bring people together for a good time.


Those with a low tolerance for expletives, or an aversion to certain parts of the body, be warned. This is an intimate show, and I’m not just talking about the audience’s proximity to the panel. Fortunately, there didn’t seem to be many reserved audience members at January’s show. Instead, young and old arrived to take advantage of the cosy atmosphere, the cheerful staff members, and the summer cocktails.  


Oh, and the kissing booth with regular team captain Sarah Jane Haywood, with the proceeds donated. That may have been, ahem, a key attraction...


Aside from that, the atmosphere alone is enough to make you want to come back. We Should Know Better is just a fun, chilled way to spend the evening. How often do you utter “analingus” in a social context without seeing the room rapidly empty? Maybe you and I move in different circles, but at We Should Know Better, refreshingly the audience seemed to lean forward in eagerness to hear it again.


For those on a budget, this is a cheap monthly laugh with entry only $10. You certainly get more than your money’s worth. It’s like a gossip sesh with your best mate, complete with all the juicy stories. What better way to spend an evening? 


We Should Know Better happens again on February 15th, at 63 Johnston Street, Fitzroy.


Tickets are available for $10 at






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