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The Earth is Flat

  • Written by  Noel Kelso
  • Saturday, 29 March 2014 15:39
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As one half of the comedy sketch duo ‘This Is Siberian Husky’, Simon Godfrey has been amusing and bemusing Melbourne audiences for several years now. His new solo show ‘The Earth Is Flat’ continues this fine tradition, but this time he must play all of the characters by himself.

These characters include a super powered evil Cardinal from the 15th Century, the caretaker of the Melbourne museum, an abstract highwayman and a precocious English schoolboy. Oh – and Clive Palmer.

The story concerns the plans by a resurrected Cardinal, after he discovers the true shape of the planet, to return it to what he sees as its natural state of flatness. Along the way we are introduced to a wide selection of odd-ball characters, each one brought to life by the very talented and energetic Simon Godfrey.

Godfrey leaps about the stage like a man possessed, swapping persona in the blink of an eye and making each one quite distinct from the last. With the turn of a hand, a slight stoop or a minor change in tone the audience are instantly aware of which particular character they are watching and in which situation they are set. This is no mean feat when there are no costume changes or props to provide clues and in the hands of a lesser performer this would quickly have become horribly confusing.

The dialogue is quickfire and snappy and the characters interact dynamically throughout, Godfrey never allowing himself to flag or miss a beat as he argues or fights with himself. The ideas within the performance are hilariously absurd and outlandish and keep the audience in fits of laughter with their ridiculous nature.

The structure is almost episodic in nature with brief scenes establishing the characters and situations swiftly before moving along to the next one. All of these various threads eventually tie together neatly to create the thrilling and utterly absurd denouement.

This show crams more ideas and situations into fifty minutes than most television or movies can fit into many times that length.

Highly professional and very funny this show should appeal to anyone with a liking for 'Monty Python' or 'The Mighty Boosh' and demands repeat viewing.


The Portland Hotel - 10:45pm

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