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The Duck's Nuts

  • Written by  Kirsty Wilson
  • Friday, 04 April 2014 14:11
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Don't be fooled by the sweet voice; behind Australian Kate McLennan's pretty face and Colgate smile is a cheeky rascal with a sharp-as-a-tack intellect, who revels in going against the grain.

She hits stereo types for a six when sharing her experience of being an unmarried, childless woman of 34, and takes off the arch nemesis—patronising bright-eyed and bushy-tailed wives and mothers—with awesome perfection. Mother and father impersonations are executed with precision and unwavering consistency and are weaved seamlessly throughout the show. Stories of back in the day, in childhood, are neither over-exaggerated nor self-indulgent. 

It's clear that the audience's experience is McLennan's priority; she has filtered out any material that doesn't have an A-grade stamp on it. Result: a top show and people constantly cracking up. 

The woman gets it so right: she knows what her gift is and she's captivating to watch. She has put in the work and settled for nothing less than a tight and entertaining show. There were no reminder cards or prompts, she didn't need to look at the time. The material was well rehearsed and moved with uninterrupted fluidity from one topic to the next. 

McLennan sets the bar high for fellow comics. When pouring over your MICF choices, don't hesitate over 'The Duck's Nuts'. 


Melbourne Town Hall - 8.30pm 





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