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YAWP - Murphy Mclachlan

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Murphy Mclachlan

  • Written by  Carly McKenna
  • Saturday, 12 April 2014 18:12
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Murphy Mclachlan has an endearing type of awkwardness that seems to appeal to a wide audience his show has excellent timing and has well thought out opening and closing sequences.

Although his show is great for all crowds it has a wide range of material that the 20-something slacker would enjoy, like how it feels when you are the last of your friends who is still drinking and having money issues and the rest of your friends are settling down and buying property.

Maclachlan delivered interesting one liners that will have you stealing the jokes later on to tell to your friends. But why steal them when you could take your friends to see the show, it's a fun night out.


The Duke Of Wellington - 7pm

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