Roland Hoffman

  • Written by  Leah Plotz
  • Thursday, 10 April 2014 19:47
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Not everyone can talk about unemployment and their father’s terminal illness and still make people laugh. Somehow, Roland Hoffmann pulls it off.

Encapsulating genuine human emotions most of us aren’t comfortable with, Hoffmann is original and intelligent. He is open about his own insecurities and habit of referencing outdated and irrelevant news, which is more charming than anything. Who knew that a racer scooter bought on Gumtree would make a childless man feel like a poor father? Ah whatever, we are all bound to die eventually anyway. 

With an honest humour, Hoffmann delivered a depressing story in a way you wouldn’t particularly expect. And if you ever hear of the Barkly Place Massacre… well, don’t say he didn’t warn you. 

Recommended for those who have recently had a rough year or two (or three). 


The Duke of Wellington - 8:00pm


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