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YAWP - Ben McKenzie is Uncool

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Ben McKenzie is Uncool

  • Written by  Jess Welch
  • Tuesday, 01 April 2014 15:29
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Ben McKenzie is the archetypal, stereotypical nerd. With his red, curly hair and glasses, it's hard to picture, but he loves things most "cool" people don't - like 'Doctor Who' and 'Dungeons and Dragons'. 

The show is unconventional. Instead of a set routine, McKenzie has laminated cue cards, which he allows audience members to pick, guiding the show. This means no two shows will be exactly the same. 

There's capes, lists, books and a time traveling top hat. It's nerd heaven. There's jokes about science, pop culture and design. If you're a geek in any way, there's a joke for you. 

Ultimately, it's a show about not fitting in, and revelling in it. It's about owning your differences and accepting that you might just be uncool. Which is pretty cool. 


The Provincial Hotel - 10:00pm


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